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Take the intimidation out of learning Algebra. Help yourself if returning to school or your children NOW and in the future !

Learn to understand Algebra! You may feel intimidated with algebra because you haven't studied it since High School.

Do you feel a knot in your stomach with the mention of the word 'Algebra'? Gain the understanding you didn't have before with our easy to read, easy to understand eBook!

Brian Robinson
Thursday 11:18 am

Dear Parents,

Are YOU down right embarrassed that you can't help your children with Algebra?

When your kids ask you for help, is your immediate response is 'Go ask Mom, Dad, your teacher'.

Just because you have been away from math since High School doesn't mean you can't review or learn algebra. You could end up understanding it better than you did then.

Do you feel helpless? Do you feel your kids frustration?


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Why do I think I can help you?

  • First of all, helping you learn has its own rewards.

  • Being able to share my enjoyment (yes, you can enjoy math) and knowledge of math is a gift.

  • Mathematics was my best subject in school which allowed me to earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Windsor in Windsor, Ontario Canada. After graduation, I started a 30 year career teaching High School while, at the same time, taking correspondence courses from the University of Waterloo and achieved an Honours Standing in Mathematics.

  • During 30 years of teaching at the High School level, I taught over 5000 students at regular, summer and night school. I showed students how to solve 1000's of questions and, answered alot of student questions.

  • I made every effort to explain questions in the simplest terms. I want to do the same for you so you will “feel good” about mathematics.

What's my solution for you?

If you are like most Parents you wish you could help your kids with math. Have you said the same thing to your children's math teachers?

In my research I read comments from teachers and parents about the need to learn algebra to help guide their children. Are you one of them?

Heidi from Florence, Al USA said "thrilled to receive worksheets .. material very helpful"
I am thrilled to receive these worksheets. I am taking the GMAT to get into grad school after being out of college for 22 years. You can only imagine how lost I have been. Your material has been very helpful ..wish me luck on the test"

From my own experience, the best way to learn something is to teach it. So I want you to learn algebra (with my help) so you can teach or at least help your children. You and your kids both benefit by learning algebra better.

With this in mind, I have developed a tutorial eBook (over 70 pages) which teaches you, the parent, what you need to know about algebra. I use examples on topics being taught now in school. Step-by-step explanations are given for each step in the solution of the problem. You learn not only to solve problems but gain insight into how to solve other similar problems. No FLUFF and pretty picture Graphics to make the eBook look larger. Only contains explanations and diagrams necessary to explain the examples.

What do you learn about algebra in the 9 Chapters?

I start with fundamentals so you don't feel you are being dropped in the middle of algebra. You learn how algebraic terms are formed and how to work with them.

Next you learn about Powers (base and exponent) and the Rules(Laws) of Exponents so you fully understand what they mean and how to use them.

Then, polynomials (monomials, binomials, trinomials, etc )are explained and you see how exponents are part of polynomials to form larger expressions using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Factoring is then introduced. Factoring is reversing multiplication of terms and is used to simplify expressions. You learn the different types of factoring.

Rational Expressions are next. You apply what you learned with exponents, polynomials and factoring to reduce expressions to their lowest terms.

After Rational Expressions, you look at simple Linear Equations (one variable), then Systems of Linear Equations (using 2 variables). Two methods are shown 1) Substitution and 2) Comparison Methods.

Quadratic Equations are next. Linear Equations are first degreee such as

2x + 3y = 4

whereas Quadratic Equations are second degree equations such as

x2 - 3x + 18 = 0.

This is where factoring comes into play.

Finally I show you Word Problems (scary for some students). This is just a matter of converting words to mathematical equations and solving using the techniques you learned in the other sections.

What makes this special?

Developed from actual teaching notes. You learn what your children are learning in the classroom.

Through step by step explanations, you gain insight into algebra like never before.

Written by former math teacher (retired) not a committee from a textbook company. You can communicate with the author for clarification.

Adobe PDF formatted file is easy to download. No special software to learn. Chances are you already have Adobe Reader (free) on your computer.

Immediately available. Start learning in minutes or tonight. Lots of examples (over 145). Sharpen your skills because you understand 'the why ?' after seeing the question and the solution.

Printable. You don't need to be at the computer to learn. Save your eyes. Take the tutorial with you to the den, kitchen, patio.

Have the knowledge to Guide your children to better choices in the future.

Build Your Confidence. You CAN help your kids.

What's it worth?

Parents Learn Algebra ebook

Ken from Newcastle, Ontario Canada says
"Enjoying your excellent eBook, it is concise, good explanations, worthwhile, and money well spent."

For the price of $19 (see below), you can get the expertise of a former teacher (retired) to help you understand algebra.

You can surf the Internet looking for web sites to help you and spend a lot of time doing it or you can get started now. What's your time worth?

You can find web sites that cover all sorts of mathematics but will you find one site devoted to algebra? Some only direct you to other web sites with more links to even more web sites. This can be very frustrating and discourage you from looking.

Will you find carefully written tutorials directed at you the concerned parent in a readable format without fancy software that you have to learn.

Save the money you could spend on additional textbooks or tutors. I charged $25 an hour and a minimum of 2 hours a session. I recently talked to another math teacher who is charging $33 an hour now.


If you act NOW, you will also receive Extra worksheets with over 300 questions with answers on topics of each section to improve your understanding of what you have reviewed or learned. A $50 value.

A TEST for each Chapter to try out your knowledge with answers/solutions.

FREE updates: As I incorporate improvements in the eBook, I will send you the revised version as my way of saying THANK YOU.

FREE Access to Private Area: In a couple of days of your purchase, I will give you a username and password to access the private area of my website which will give you more test examples and solutions.

For the next 30 days from today, you will get email help for our product.

I will notify you of Special offers and discounts on other products.


Our Guarantee:

If, in the next year, you feel that these tutorials have not helped you as a parent to understand algebra so you are more comfortable helping your kids learn math, then you can ask for a full refund any time up to one year from now. You have nothing to lose.

We are 100% committed to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

Your frustration ends NOW by learning algebra and start building your confidence by studying our eBook


  • Easy to download (no extra software needed)
  • Easy to view in PDF format
  • Examples written so you undertand
  • Worksheets to practice what you learn
  • Tests with answer to practise. Take a Test Now Click Here
  • I do not share your information
  • Lower cost than other services
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What is your children future worth?
Start helping yourself and your children with Algebra Now.

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Brian Robinson
President, SuprB Marketing

P.S. If you act NOW you get an eBook with over 70 pages of more than 145 examples that talks to you, the parent, who wants to help your child right now to understand algebra.

P.S. Worksheets with over 300 questions and answers to practise.

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You can get it now and start learning/reviewing tonight in a format familiar to most computer users with examples, solutions and explanations that you can understand.

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Remember: Anytime in the next year you honestly don't think my eBook and materials helped for you. Ask for a refund.